Monday, January 20, 2014

Tips For A Good Night's Sleep. Minus The Pills. (Part 2)

Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep. Minus The Pills. (Part 2)

By Stephanie Lai & Lucas

Isn’t it best to revive the mind and body to prep up for a whole new year ahead? Not to mention Chinese New Year is sneaking up on us really fast this year. Yes, we can’t seem to stop reminding you that it’s just around the corner. It’s time to make a fresh start, so let us help you sleep better! Here’re the tips and make sure you check out the first part as well.

Keep your room temperature at the temperature that best fits you
Most people have a temperature that they are most comfortable with. Set your room temperature to fit your sleeping comfort and make sure your room is properly ventilated. Bedrooms that are overly hot or cold will affect sleep quality.


Do not bring work to bed
No matter how busy you are, do not bring work to your bedroom, especially the bed. If you link your bed with work, it will affect the winding down process at night. Make your bed a signal to go into deep slumber once you are on it.


Limit your caffeine intake
Caffeine causes hyperactivity and at times over stimulate the mind. For many people, caffeine can affect sleep even if it is taken twelve hours before sleeping time. Try to cut down on your overall caffeine intake or limit it to morning consumption.


Make sure your bedding products are comfortable
Make sure you are using the right mattress, pillow and quilt. Everyone has different sleep preferences but you have to make sure that your mattress and pillow is firm enough to support your body contour. Further research should be done for this.


Avoid over-eating at night
Try not to eat too late in the evening as going to bed with a full stomach will cause indigestion and affect sleep negatively. Consumption of food with high fat content near bedtime  is especially detrimental to sleep and health and may cause stomach problems. 



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