Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let Your Alarm Clock Wake You Up Softly 你要继续让“闹”钟“闹”下去吗?

Let Your Alarm Clock Wake You Up Softly 


By Mei Kei & Stephanie Lai

Alarm clock is an invention that people love yet hate the most. Do you know that alarm clock has a great effect on our sleep quality? Over-reliance on the alarm clock not only affect our sleep but also cause harm to our health.

Sleep Cycle might be strange term to most people. Therefore, many people tend to ignore the importance of the sleep cycle which is directly related to sleep quality. It is normal to go through 3 to 5 sleep cycles every night, and each cycle includes stages of light sleep to deep sleep and then back to light sleep again. If you get used to at least 6 to 8 hours sleep every night, you will not feel uncomfortable when you are being called up during the stage of light sleep.

Friday, June 6, 2014

睡房“风水”七大忌讳 Bedroom "Feng Shui" Seven Taboos

Bedroom "Feng Shui" Seven Taboos

By Mei Kei & Stephanie


Bedroom is the place where we rest and sleep after a busy day. Therefore, bedroom "feng shui" acts as a key role that will directly affect our sleeping quality. In fact, "feng shui" is not a superstition sophistry, it is closely related to medicine, psychology and scientific knowledge. Let us work together to uncover these bedroom “feng shui" mysteries. If your bedroom made ​​the following taboo, it is time to change your bedroom "feng shui"!



1. Ceiling beam above your head

If the bed is placed under chandelier or ceiling beam, it will easily lead to headaches, joint pain, brain pressure, increased blood pressure and other diseases. In particular, people will frequently having nightmares if the bedside is placed directly under the ceiling beam. If remain in this condition for a long time, it will affect a person's body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, the best is to have a clean and flat ceiling or try to install cabinets or additional bed pillows in order to create the sense of security.

(Note: A downward projection on the bed, namely "ceiling beam". If the ceiling beam is over the head when sleeping, it will certainly exude some kind of pressure to the sleeper.


2. Too many electrical appliances placed on the foot of the bed
 From a medical point of view, electrical radiation poses damage to human health. Especially when the TV is facing the foot of the bed in standby mode for a long time, it will affect the feet and the blood circulation meridians operation. In Feng Shui, electrical appliances are called "house on fire" which is bad for human health. Therefore, bedroom should not have too many electrical appliances, and most importantly do not place the TV on the foot of the bed.


3. Bed should not be placed facing the room door
"Red door" is known as bed being placed facing the door, easy to cause nightmares or hallucinations, resulting in restless sleep. In a scientific point of view, the door is the entrance of air circulation. During the sleeping mode, our nerves and pores will be under a relaxed state. If the bed is facing the door, the wind will bring disease to the body. In addition, it is best to not place the bed near the door or in the same line as the door in order to preserve health.


4. Should not have gap after the bedside
Gaps after the bedside easily affect people's emotions and create illusion. Therefore, the bed should be tight against the wall or in-kind, which brings the meaning of "patron" in the view of “feng shui”.


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