Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let Your Alarm Clock Wake You Up Softly 你要继续让“闹”钟“闹”下去吗?

Let Your Alarm Clock Wake You Up Softly 


By Mei Kei & Stephanie Lai

Alarm clock is an invention that people love yet hate the most. Do you know that alarm clock has a great effect on our sleep quality? Over-reliance on the alarm clock not only affect our sleep but also cause harm to our health.

Sleep Cycle might be strange term to most people. Therefore, many people tend to ignore the importance of the sleep cycle which is directly related to sleep quality. It is normal to go through 3 to 5 sleep cycles every night, and each cycle includes stages of light sleep to deep sleep and then back to light sleep again. If you get used to at least 6 to 8 hours sleep every night, you will not feel uncomfortable when you are being called up during the stage of light sleep.

Students and office workers who are always busy for work tend to have the habit of sleeping late, causing stage of deep sleep to be postponed as well. If you are disturbed by the alarm during the stage of deep sleep, you might experience dizziness, rapid heartbeat and symptoms of mental disorder. Sleeping late frequently may also lead to hypertension, diabetes and others.

In addition, many people have the habit of setting their alarm clock a little earlier than it should be, so that they can return to sleep after wake up. Researches show that returning to sleep will make you feel tired instead of making you feel more awake. This is because it will interrupt the continuity of our sleep, distorting a normal sleep cycle. You are not encouraged to return to sleep unless you woke up naturally and wish to get back to sleep.

The best way to improve the sleep quality is to readjust your circadian clock. Try to sleep earlier to get adequate sleep, and rise naturally in the morning during the stage of light sleep. If you really could not live without your alarm clock, you may try to set your alarm sound to a more comfortable music as well as set it to crescendo mode. Let your brain comfortably receive the message of getting up and minimize the damage of the alarm clock to the health.


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