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Technologically Modern and Eco-Friendly Sleep Products, by AKEMI Sleepedia Series
Eco-friendly sleep products may be expensive, but increasing consumer demand for the environmentally-correct has inspired AKEMI (one of the Southeast Asia’s best-selling bedding brands) to go extra mile to produce truly clean, with German hi-tech sleep products at affordable prices.

The Southeast Asian markets have a generally high awareness and appreciation of European technology and quality in bedding products. Therefore, AKEMI responds with its latest German microfibre technology to the expanding demand for innovative new ranges of its branded high-tech and ecological filling fibres and fabrics.

The task of finding a truly technologically modern and eco-friendly sleep product nowadays is not easy. Let’s explore how AKEMI Sleepedia explains: “Sleep Healthier, Live Healthier” with its phenomenal Sleepedia Suprelle™ series, including the incredibly high performing Sleepedia Suprelle™ Ultra, Sleepedia Suprelle™ Micro and Sleepedia Suprelle™ Eco Fresh TENCEL®.

In brief, AKEMI Sleepedia is a new German technically advanced fibre which feels even more like a natural fibre. Read more...

The ColourActiv™ for Long Lasting Colours

Looking for a long-lasting bed sheet product? What do you do if you have a bed sheet fabric that has colourfast problem? ColourActiv™ is developed to avoid problems with colourfast.

Developed in the 1950s, ColourActiv™ was the first dye produced capable of covalent bonding between the dye and fibers. ColourActiv™ thereby becomes part of the fibers rather than merely remaining as an independent entity. These special dyes, which technically are also referred to as reactive dyes.

ColourActiv™ provides colorfastness and avoids colours to bleed or run-off once washed or exposed to intense light, offering timeless and long-lasting for beautiful colour.

The colour of ColourActiv™ is exceptionally vibrant and sheen, its smooth surface makes the colour silky with soft hands touch.

ColourActiv™ has an eco-friendly manufacturing process as it requires less water in production cycle and releases minimal water-waste and contamination into the water supply. Read more...

Choosing the Right Sleeping Pillow

Using the wrong pillow could leave you with stiff and sore neck, and wake up feeling just as tired as when you laid down to sleep.

Interestingly, statistics indicate that most of us have trouble sleeping, which can impact our physical and mental health. Inevitably, using the wrong pillow is one of the most common causes of neck pain – a condition that negatively affects our daily lives, for instance, headaches, insomnia, snoring and fatigue are all closely associated to neck pain.

But, choosing the correct pillow isn’t an easy task, it can be challenging anyway as they are so personal, that conform to your body as well as sleeping habits. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Therefore, choosing the right pillow fill keeps your neck properly supported and leaves you feeling awake, alive and rejuvenated in the morning.

Here are 3 tips I shared, to choose the right pillow for a good night’s sleep. Read more...

AKEMI Tencel® Fabric on Your Skin

Well, there are undoubtedly many treats in stores with an ever-changing range of fabrics coupled with great bargains. Nevertheless, it’s still important for choosing a really good fabric especially when it comes to SLEEP … undeniable perhaps.
Here, AKEMI Tencel® introduces “the botanical way of life” – a new age in fiber technology

What is AKEMI Tencel®?AKEMI Tencel® is an amazing eco-friendly fabric, and it’s completely natural. Made with wood pulp cellulose from sustainable tree, AKEMI Tencel® fabrics are created through the use of nanotechnology(the first cellulose to use nanotechnology) Read more...

Akemi Medi+Health Collection

Nothing promotes good health better than a good night's sleep!

Research findings have proven that a lack of sleep can contribute to depression, ageing and weight gain, and heighten the risk for a variety of major illness including cancer, heart disease or diabetes.

It's a common truth, a proper amount of sleep is necessary for everyone to maintain good health.

Let's formulate a fundamental theorem of good night's sleep by using Akemi Medi+Health.


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