Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sleep Digest: 5 sleeping habits you need to change

By: Asikin, Pek Yeng

Do you find yourself having a healthy sleeping habit? Most of us do not. Check out these five sleeping habit that you should change it now to improve your sleeping style.

1. Watching TV before bedtime- Do you love to lay in bed and watching TV for at least half an hour before bedtime? It does not only wake you up later at night but it is actually disrupting your sleeping cycles. Expert agrees that, falling asleep with the TV on is not good for a peaceful night’s sleep. Try to turn it off and see if you get any improvements.

2. Poor pillow conditions- Check your pillow now. When was the last time you change your pillow? A poor pillow can make your head, neck, jaw and shoulder pain due to its poor support. Change your pillow now and do not forget to check your mattress too.

3. Caffeine lovers- For a healthy sleep habit, try to cut down on caffeine. Do not drink four to six hours before bed and you will feel the difference.

4. Think too much before bed- Clear your mind. Sometimes we have too many things going on. To start your good night’s sleep every night, create your to do list ten minutes before sleep. It will help you clear your mind and then get a better quality of sleep.

5. Letting your love pets sleep in the bed- Pet furs can disrupt your sleep. For those who are asthma and allergic sufferers, think twice before you let your ‘furry best friend’ sleep together.


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