Monday, November 26, 2012

The ColourActiv™ for Long Lasting Colours

Looking for a long-lasting bed sheet product? What do you do if you have a bed sheet fabric that has colourfast problem? ColourActiv™ is developed to avoid problems with colourfast.

Developed in the 1950s, ColourActiv™ was the first dye produced capable of covalent bonding between the dye and fibers. ColourActiv™ thereby becomes part of the fibers rather than merely remaining as an independent entity. These special dyes, which technically are also referred to as reactive dyes.

ColourActiv™ provides colorfastness and avoids colours to bleed or run-off once washed or exposed to intense light, offering timeless and long-lasting for beautiful colour.

The colour of ColourActiv™ is exceptionally vibrant and sheen, its smooth surface makes the colour silky with soft hands touch.

ColourActiv™ has an eco-friendly manufacturing process as it requires less water in production cycle and releases minimal water-waste and contamination into the water supply.

Some bedding products with ColourActiv™:

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