Friday, January 25, 2013

AKEMI Inspires: Welcome to AKEMI

By:  Asikin, Pek Yeng

Welcome to the world of AKEMI.

AKEMI Series include AKEMI, AKEMI AvantGarde and AKEMI Autograph.

  • AKEMI - Is an impressive of New Asian Décor and ambience. Styled in a modern context, it encompasses the intertwining elements of culture and tradition to create a home with a distinctive soul. 
  • AKEMI AvantGarde - AKEMI AvantGarde was born from the desire to share the ultimate satisfaction that living with heirloom quality luxury linen. A lifestyle meant for those who appreciate only the finest linens. From the incomparable comfort to its exquisite style, you will find all the linen needed to transform your personal space to an oasis of serenity. 
  • AKEMI Autograph - Designed to capture the timeless beauty of quality fabrics for a lifetime of luxury and comfort. AKEMI Autograph upholds the quality that defines the superior value and enduring wear. Time stands still when you surround yourself with these silky smooth linens.
The blog concept displays all the activities such as evens, promotions, where to buy, new products info and a lot of interesting articles to be shared.

Here, we encourage our customers to give opinions and comments. We believe from this way we will increase our quality and serve the best to our beloved customers.


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