Friday, February 22, 2013

Decor and Ideas: Glamourize your room with colour

By: Asikin, Pek Yeng

Colour can instantly change the look and feel of a room. It is also a quick way to incorporate personality into your decor.

The combination colour below will guide you in your decorating time.

  • Rooms come alive with red and orange 
Medical tests have proved that the colour red can increase a viewer’s heart rate and raise body temperature. No wonder, this powerful colour is a good choice for rooms used for activities. As a dominant colour, red is lively, intense and bold. As an accent colour, red adds punch to a décor.

  • Bringing nature home with blue and purple 
Borrowed from nature’s palette, blue is one of the best ways to bring the beauty and serenity of nature indoors. To paint a room blue is to create a restful, cool, and fresh environment. That’s why you often see blue in bedrooms. Blue also creates an illusion of space and distance, so rooms painted blue actually look and feel larger than they are.

Purple or violet combines the intensity of red with the soothing quality of blue. Passionate and regal, the deepest purple creates rooms that are charged with emotion.

  • Refresh any room with yellow and green 
When you want to create peaceful surroundings for yourself take a hue from nature and turn to the colour of green. Like blue, green is restful and calming, and there are limitless shades to play with to achieve the look you want to convey. Green works well as the dominant colour or accent in a room.

Yellow is brilliant and lively, the perfect colour for a room that is dark, without windows or in need of an uplifting colour scheme. When muted, yellow has a calm, refreshing feel and can be used in virtually any room in your home.

  • Neutrals and naturals 
The natural colour scheme can be dramatic and sophisticated. The colour palette is limited, these monochromatic decors are easy to pull together and extremely effective when refinement and taste are the goals for your room. Neutrals and naturals rely on texture, pattern and contrast for depth and interest. They are also appropriate when you have an attractive piece of furniture or an interesting collection to highlight. The best results are achieved when there is one dominant neutral in the room, on either the furniture and window treatment or the walls.

Now, choose a shade or one of our favourite colour combinations given for bright ideas on making over any room.


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