Wednesday, July 17, 2013

AKEMI ProModal® Where Softness Meets Function

AKEMI ProModal® bed linen is made from 100% ProModal®, a multi-talented fibre that offers exceptional softness and a superb function of moisture absorption and temperature regulating. ProModal® innovation comprises the unique botanical fibre blend of Lenzing Modal® and TENCEL®. These fibres make AKEMI ProModal® bed linen possible to unite exceptional softness with superb performance and function. 

Luxurious soft
The perfect combination of  Lenzing Modal®  and TENCEL® makes AKEMI ProModal®  more luxuriously softer than other fabrics

Gentle To Your Skin
AKEMI ProModal® cares for your skin since the first touch. Its fabrics are smooth and natural to your touch.

Hygienic Sleep
AKEMI ProModal® offers a comprehensive range of high quality hygienic fabric. It takes care of your health without compromising confort.

Excellent Absorbency
AKEMI ProModal® fabrics act as personal radiator to absorb any excess fluid and improving your sleep quality.

For more infomation, please visit : AKEMI ProModal®


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