Friday, February 14, 2014

Oh-So-Lovely Valentine’s Day In-Store and Window Display

Oh-So-Lovely Valentine’s Day In-Store and Window Display

By Stephanie Lai & Lucas Lim

While Chinese around the world are preparing to celebrate the last day of Chinese New Year, lovebirds have something else to look forward to on this day. Coincidentally, Valentine’s Day falls on the last day of Chinese New Year this year, which explains the swift transition of CNY décor to Valentine’s décor. Now… that’s double the joy. 

Moving on from one occasion to another, there are lots of excuses to keep the celebration going. From Valentine’s through  to White Valentine’s in March, let’s celebrate the month of love surrounded by lovey dovey décor wherever you go. Here are some inspiring Valentine’s  Day in-store and window display for your viewing pleasure. Check out the many brilliant ways to build the shape of a heart using various in-store products. So, are you ready to love? 


Modern fantasy, every girl's dream.

Creating desired shape using post-it notes

Moschino- Heart shaped ball of yarn

Diesel Book Store- Stacking books to built a heart.

Kitchens in Bath

Anthropologie- A decor fit for all occasion, all year round. Just take away NY and replace it with your desired word.

Moschino- Dripping heart

Tiffany & Co- Smart positioning of the golden arrow's tip


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