Friday, February 1, 2013

AKEMI Inspires: TENCEL® from nature to your room

By:  Asikin, Pek Yeng

  • What is TENCEL®? 

TENCEL® is a sustainable fabric that is regenerated from wood cellulose. It is an amazing eco-friendly fabric that represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textile. 

  • TENCEL® advantages 

TENCEL® fibre is 100% fully biodegradable that is the fiber is economical in its use of energy and natural resource. On the other hand, TENCEL® fibre is antibacterial fabric and great for sensitive skin. It is spun into yarns and then woven into textiles that are soft, absorbent, very strong when wet or dry, resistant to wrinkles and drape well.

This eco fabric is flexible that has controllable fibrillation which can be manipulated into everything like softness to a silky smooth finish. 

  • How to take care of TENCEL® 

TENCEL® is a delicate fabric and should be hand washed in cold water with gentle detergent. When using the washing machine, use gentle cycle that is appropriate for TENCEL®. If line dried, briefly toss in the dryer with damp towel to soften the fabric. Use warm iron to touch up the garment.

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