Friday, February 8, 2013

Decor and Ideas: Feng Shui knows how to help you

By: Asikin, Pek Yeng

Considering how many hours you spend in your bed. It might be overdue for an upgrade. The most common bedding mistake people make is not replacing it often enough. Most can last about four to eight years. Since we spend around one third of our lives in our beds, Feng Shui experts consider the bedroom to be one of the most important rooms in our house.

Here are some tips on how Feng Shui helps you to build a great bedroom and consequently improve the quality of your sleep.

  • How the arrangement of your bed 
The flow of ‘Chi’ in a room depends on the arrangement of your bed. If your bed is placed under heavy beams or built into a wall of cupboards then the flow of energy will go downward. Make sure the headspace around your bed is clear or you can decorate it with light or paint it with cool bright colour light pale blue to represent the sky.

  •  Make sure you can see the door 
Feng Shui practitioners believe that it is very important to sleep where you can see the door. If your bedroom space does not allow this, try to hang a mirror so that you can see a reflection of the door. The objective is to allow any bad energy to be released from the room

  •  Stay away from sharp angles 
The sharp edges of furniture like bedside table, bookcases and drawers are believed to reflect laser-like beams of energy which can interrupt your sleep cycle besides it is dangerous and cause injury.

  •  Feng Shui choice colours 
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system to balance the energy flow of a room. When it comes to your bedroom, the idea is to create soothing feelings of Feng Shui. Choose calm colour like blue which is associated with the water element. It is soothing and reflects a feeling of peace, love and trust. Another suggestion is the colour of romance like pink which brings a loving energy into your bedroom.

  • The first thing that you see 
Feng Shui followers believe that the first thing you see when waking up from sleep will reflect on the tone of your day. If you wake up and saw your gym bag or your dumbbell, you will go through more active and energetic day, compared by looking at the laptop or work documents, this can promote a stress full, agitated feeling. Alternatively, try calming your day by placing plants or pretty picture next to your bed which bring calm and relaxed.


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