Friday, March 22, 2013

AKEMI Inspires: MicroCotton® is the world finest towels

By: Asikin

Have you ever experienced a dilemma to choose a good towel? Whether does it have a good absorption or is it gentle for your skin and many questions to consider before purchasing a towel.

As a solution, AKEMI has introduced MicroCotton® towel that is supremely soft, amazing absorbent and will be useful for your daily life.

Here we will share how MicroCotton® is the best choice when choosing a good towel for you and your family.

What is MicroCotton® towel?

MicroCotton® towel is the world finest towels, a product that is inspired to give a luxurious bathing experience to you.

How MicroCotton® is made?

MicroCotton® is woven from the finest 100% cotton with extra loops result and open structure which enables better absorbency and quicker drying time.

How MicroCotton® feels?

MicroCotton® surface is supremely soft and luxurious lofty. Due to its high density of the fibre loops and their open structure it enables the towels remains soft and absorbent after a few washes.

Is MicroCotton® towel gentle to skin?

Yes it is. MicroCotton® towel is naturally anti-microbial with its high density fibre loops and open structure that offers a quicker drying time. This will eliminate the growth of dust mites and bacteria and hence it is good for your skin.

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