Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Décor and Ideas: 5 tips making a room look bigger

By: Asikin

If you are a small bedroom owner, let us look at these 5 tips that will bring an inspiration and help you to give your small rooms the illusion of being bigger.

1. Use light and bright colours

This is all about optical illusion. Light and bright colours are more reflective making a space feel open and airy. This will help you maximize the effect with the natural light. Cream and icy blue are a great colour combination that can convert a small bedroom to a bigger bedroom.

2. Choose flexible

Shopping for furniture can be difficult if you are not sure what your bedroom needs. In a small bedroom, try to choose double duty furniture, such as beds that will turn into tables and desks. It is not only multifunctional but also a great idea in space-saving and making your room looks tidy and organized.

3. Magic mirror

Mirror can make your room look bigger because it will act as an additional window for your bedroom. Hang the mirror and it will automatically give the illusion of depth

4. Minimalist style

Choose minimalist style for your small bedroom. It only requires a few and low furniture. It is constructed in regular geometric shapes and has clean lines. This also gives a modern home style to your bedroom.

5. Extend the view

Open your window and keep the curtain open. It will extend your space via the view.


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