Monday, November 4, 2013

No-Sew Sofa Makeover – Tuck It. Pin It. There You Go.

No-Sew Sofa Makeover – Tuck It. Pin It. There You Go.
By Stephanie Lai , Joras

Our old sofa carries lots of memories. It serves as a recollection of time spent with our loved ones, watching movies, taking naps or just lazing around. So why throw it away when you can always revamp it with just a simple piece of cloth and a few pins? Just a friendly heads up, you could always use those old bed sheets or quilt covers that are collecting dust at the back of your cupboard. Now, that’s a very reasonable excuse to get new sheets.  This idea might not be suitable for everyone but if you appreciate unconventional indie-ish living spaces that reflect artistic prowess, this is just what you’re looking for. City dwellers that have to live away from family might find this idea especially ideal to bring warmth to their family-less home. Imagine how cool it will look in lofts, sohos and studios. Also, you do not need any sewing know-how to make this happen. Just tuck the cloth in with your hands and pin it to make it stay in place. Make one today and if you fail………… oh well, they’re just old sheets. Cheers.



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