Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mirror positioning in Fengshui

Mirror Positioning in Fengshui

By Stephanie Lai & Joras

The mirror is an important item in every home. Upon waking up, we look in the mirror while washing our faces, dressing up or applying makeup. Over the past few years, mirror became a popular item for home decoration. Some put it in their living rooms, some put it in their kitchens. However, we should not neglect mirror positioning in feng shui as the positioning affects family wealth. Below are some mirror positioning guidelines.


Mirror facing bedroom’s door
Mirror cannot be placed facing bedroom’s door as feng shui practitioners believe that there are god in both the mirror and door. Thus, if the mirror is placed facing the bedroom door, the mirror god will push the door god away, leaving your bedroom unprotected from evil.


Mirror facing home entrance door
Mirror cannot be placed on both sides of the entrance door as it will keep the door god and fortune god away. It will affect wealth and business negatively.


Mirror facing toilet door
If mirror is placed facing toilet door, arguments could easily occur and can strain relationship between husband and wife. This mirror positioning could also cause decrease in male sexual function and female’s health problems.


Mirror facing prayer table
Mirror facing the prayer table is a form of disrespect to the god and instead of protecting the family, the god will leave. This can easily cause misfortune to the family.



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