Friday, March 29, 2013

Sleep Digest: 10 ways to wake up energized everyday

By: Asikin

Do you know that by waking up energized, your whole day will go more smoothly and you can completely change your lifestyle.
If you want to know how to wake up energized, just keep reading these 10 ways.

1. Get up consistently- Our body enjoy consistency. So, by keeping yourself on a regular sleep schedule you may be able to wake up more easily in the mornings without feeling tired.

2. Five minutes of stretches- Expert says, stretch after you wake up in the morning will improve your flexibility and of course make you stronger.

3. Sleep in comfort- Invest in super comfort pillow, blanket and pyjamas. Try microfibre or soft cotton that is light and soft to the touch. It will also help to improve your quality of sleep.

4. Listen to music- Invigorating music can boost your energy level. If you start listening to music every morning, especially the song that make you want to move and dance you will be energized the whole day.

5. Forget your snooze button- Do not hit your snooze button if you would like to wake up energized. The 5 to 7 minutes will not be enough to have a good sleep.

6. Take a shower- As soon as you are under that running water, you will feel considerably awake.

7. Eat breakfast- Do not skip your breakfast. The ideal time to eat breakfast is as early as you can after waking up in the morning in order to increase your metabolism.

8. Drink water- Drink water in the morning to stay dehydrated. Expert says, dehydration is the leading cause of fatigue.

9. Choose minty toothpaste- Brush your teeth with strong mint toothpaste. The aroma of mint naturally increases alertness.

10. Let in the light- Our body respond naturally to the changes of light. Try leaving just enough opening to let in some natural sunlight in the morning.


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