Wednesday, April 10, 2013

AKEMI Sleepedia Launches New High Performance Bedding Products in Malaysia


April 09, 2013 – AKEMI SLEEPEDIA featuring German revolutionary microfibre technology continues the success of developing high performance fibre in bedding products by introducing their new innovation fibre,which significantly improved health, comfort and promotes the feeling of well-being. - SLEEPEDIA SUPRELLE™ Ultra, SLEEPEDIA SUPRELLE™ Micro Plus and SLEEPEDIA SUPRELLE™ Eco Fresh TENCEL® Plus. 

SLEEPEDIA SUPRELLE™ Ultra- Cleaner and healthier sleep comfort.

The effectiveness of Sleepedia Suprelle™ Ultra in preventing the build-up of dust mites and inhibits the growth of common bacteria make it ideal for allergy sufferers. The Suprelle™ Ultra filling has been thoroughly tested against all health and safety requirements and pronounced safe in every aspect. It is not only non-allergenic and odourless, but also providing you a firm support. 

SLEEPEDIA SUPRELLE™ Micro Plus- Lightness and warmth to ensure gentle comfort.

Sleepedia Suprelle™ Micro Plus consists of two unique properties which are its fine texture and length of cut. It is six times finer and eight times shorter than the current fibre, providing it unparalleled volume, elasticity and density to make it become comfier, bouncier and fluffier.Its shell is made from 100% cotton, making it natural breathable, easy to care and hypo-allergenic. 

SLEEPEDIA SUPRELLE™ Eco Fresh TENCEL® Plus- The alliance of two global fibre experts. 

The revolutionary SLEEPEDIA Suprelle™ Eco Fresh TENCEL® Plus is the association of two complimentary eco-friendly fibres, Suprelle™ Eco and TENCEL® Eco fibres, offering a highly breathable, quick drying and high performing moisture absorption performance. The hollow structure of Suprelle™ Eco fibre improves air circulation while TENCEL® Eco fibres moisture management and 100% high quality cotton helps to absorb the excess moisture. With the excellent cooling capabilities, it can ensure a comfortable and dry sleeping environment all night long.

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