Friday, April 12, 2013

Décor and Ideas: 5 inspirational bedroom wall painting ideas

By: Asikin

Choosing texture is the quickest way to change the look of your room that will suit your style and personality. Let's look at these five ideas that can inspire you for your bedroom décor idea.

1.  Beautiful tribal style - The tribal trend always looks unique and outstanding. This trend is all about colours, patterns and geometric shapes.

2.  The wall cladding - It is a nice way to create a texture in your bedroom for a natural theme.

3.  Go with murals - Personalised it. Flowers, the solar system, the underwater world, a forest or any other things that you might be interested in can be a good theme to liven up your private space.

4.  Be creative with craft - Hang your rattan tray and arrange it in a balance way to fit your Asian style. 

5.  Try graphics - Paint it with scattered print with a different size, shape and tone to suit your modern theme.


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