Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sleep Digest: 6 ways to wake up young and gorgeous every day

By: Asikin

Do not make the mistake thinking that sleeping with your make up
on means that you will look beautiful in the morning. How to look beautiful in the morning does not take lot actions but rather just these 6 easy ways will do. Say goodbye to pasty face and eye bags.

1. Avoid caffeine and sugar – Avoid coffee, chocolate drink or other sweet drinks before going to bed. Once you start avoiding this, you will notice a huge different when you wake up the next morning.

2. A bath before bed – Take a hot bath one or two hours before you sleep. This will immediately relax you and helps you to have a better night sleep.

3. Open your window – Why not sleep with the window open a little? Let the fresh air comes in that will make you have a deep sleep and waking up feeling refreshed.

4. Head alignment – Determining your sleep position: stomach, side or back sleeping. Choose the right pillow that will suit your sleeping position. It will keep your neck and spine aligned properly, avoiding waking up with body aches.

5. Conditioning your hair – When you are showering in the morning, you do not have sufficient time to condition your hair. So, take your time and do it before bed. I promise, it will make a lot of differences.

6. Wash your face  Cleanse away any dirt and oil on your face before bed and you will wake up feeling clean and beautiful.


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