Wednesday, September 18, 2013

AKEMI ProModal® Fashion Show 2013

AKEMI ProModal® : Where Softness Meets Function Fashion Show 
AKEMI ProModal® : 柔软与功能性于一身时装秀

by Joras

The AKEMI ProModal® Fashion Show was held in Sunway Pyramid, ground floor of the Orange Concourse, on 14th September 2013. A total of 12 AKEMI angels were set for nearly 19 sets of international bedlinen collections, including AKEMI ProModal®, AKEMI AvantGarde Supima®, Cannon ProModal® and Cannon Supima®.

AKEMI ProModal® 时装秀于2013914日下午3时假Sunway Pyramid, Orange Concourse 举行,当天共有十二位专业模特展示了近19AKEMI ProModal®AKEMI AvantGarde Supima, Cannon ProModal Cannon Supima的床单设计。

The fashion show has successfully drawn loads of shoppers’ eyeballs on clothing which made from AKEMI’s newly launched bed linen collections. AKEMI ProModal® and Supima® collections focus more on floral painting and texture with smooth tonal colour, a classy and elegant style setting. The functions of both fabrics are another highlight. ProModal® gives optimum moisture absorption performance and reduces growth of bacteria, ensuring a dry cool and healthier sleep naturally.
AKEMI Supima®, the world finest cotton, is an authentic extra-long staple (ELS) cotton variety to promote a softness and fineness. Supima® cotton absorbs dye better as well as retaining colour, such fabric feature allows the colours to stay vibrant even after repeated washes.

AKEMI 新推出的产品系列床单。这次系列的床单多以花色图腾,单色调为主,带出AKEMI ProModal®Supima® 优质的奢华感。此外,在华贵的外表下,其功能性也是不可忽略的一环。拥有着高吸收力的ProModal®床单让您在夜晚睡眠排汗时能够强力的吸收湿气,这样一来能够温和皮肤也能减少继续滋生。至于Supima®,采用的是世界顶级奢华棉,棉纤维长度决定于布料的柔软与耐久度。然而,Supima®在染料处理方面也是较为出色,能够使颜色经过多次翻洗,仍能保持颜色的艳丽度。




Event area was thematically decorated with trees and plants for a natural setting, illustrated as like walking barefoot on the green grass with warm embrace of nature. Besides, there were seasonal promotion on bed linens and pillows, from 20% to 70% discount. The audience were happy and leaving with bags of AKEMI products and goodies.

场地以大自然主题设置,多以盆栽摆设,仿佛赤脚走在草地上,拥抱大自然的温暖。在AKEMI ProModal® 时装秀之余,还有让人非常心动的AKEMI床品大促销。从最低20%折扣至70% 从床单到枕头应有尽有。到场的顾客都领着一袋袋的AKEMI 床品,以最怡悦的笑容回馈,满载而归。


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