Saturday, September 28, 2013

Vintage Home Decor, Moments of Memories

Vintage Home Decor, Moments of Memories

By Joras

Vintage plays an important role in each fashion trend and era, it has a wider scope. From the perspective of a photography, fine art or even an outfit, the elements that used are closely related to vintage. Vintage is nostalgic, it captures the special moment, tones, angles, and texture. In home fashion, vintage style is undoubtedly the most popular pick. It basically encompasses wood texture as background, some European-floral texture combined with several colour mixing. Such combination is quite receptive by modern city people. Some Vintage-styled furniture are shared here, let’s take a look!


Vintage Lamp Stand

This vintage lamp stand is fine, very suitable setting in living room or bedroom due to its simplicity and elegance. It really stands out when it is set with a complicated décor and tone.


Vintage Wall Clock

Take wood texture as base combined with Roman numberings, it plays like a symbol of vintage. Like a time machine, helps recording every moment. This antique wall clock is best to be placed with other vintage furniture, to illustrate a complete vintage decoration.


Vintage Fan

The old electrical steel fan is another classic in vintage, it has become a madness and trend that many vintage lovers crave for. This vintage fan is suitably displayed in a themed café, adding the retro kind and vintage beauty.

Vintage Wallpaper

European floral wallpaper is suitable for a garden style house. Hazel or light brown colour represents warm, it helps to neutralize a complicated floral texture while making the room warmish.



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