Friday, December 13, 2013

Using Photos to Decorate Living Spaces

Using Photos to Decorate Living Spaces

By Stephanie Lai & Joras

In this digital era, everyone owns at least a mobile phone camera if not a hi-tech digital camera. Everyone's a photographer these days but are we making full use of the pictures we took? Our pictures represent who we are, our interests, places we’ve been to, happy moments, precious people in our lives and more.  So why not use it to decorate our living spaces? We spend loads of time in our homes so why not create a space that represents us?

在这数码科技发达的时代,每个人手上都持有一部具有摄像功能的手机来取代数码相机。 今时今日每个人都能成为摄影师,可是我们所拍下的照片是否真的都能好好的利用?从照片里,能表达出自己、兴趣、到过的地方、开心的时刻、甚至是出现在我们生活中那些重要的人。所以,为何不把一些照片加上自己的创意点子摆放在我们的生活空间里?既然我们人每天花最长的时间都呆在家,为何不创造一些属于自己的创意空间

It is simple, convenient, inexpensive and adds a modern edge to homes. Just pick some pictures you like from your mobile phone or camera and you’re half way there. With the countless photo editing apps available nowadays, we don’t even need to worry about low resolution photos or badly captured ones. Pin it, frame it, clip it, hang it, stick it, anything goes. Here are some ideas that might inspire you on decorating with photos.


Caption: You could use hangers to hand your photos. Brilliant.


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