Thursday, December 19, 2013

When Home Christmas Décor Goes Out of the Box

When Home Christmas Décor Goes Out of the Box


By Stephanie Lai & Joras

“Everything goes these days”. A popular saying that applies to almost everything, including the jolly ol’ home Christmas décor. How innovative can it get you ask? Well….it had certainly gone beyond the usual green and red. Let’s explore some truly out of the box ideas and if these inspired you, it’s still not too late to make a move. We can always celebrate the 15 days of Christmas. That’s plenty of days from now and you can keep your décor till then. Merry Christmas!



Lumber Christmas tree  

Very innovative, very quirky and very fun to build.

Material: Used scrap lumber, spray paint,  Christmas ornaments, hammer and nails.




Collection Christmas tree

This theme is actually quite popular these days as you can use absolutely anything from your collection.

Material: Absolutely anything. Christmas ornaments, photo frames, photos and other collectibles. 



材料: 任何饰品、圣诞饰品、相框、照片或其它珍藏品。

Chalkboard Christmas tree

A great way to add an artistic edge to your home this Christmas and the best thing is, you can draw anything you like without fear of damaging it.

Material: Chalkboard, chalk.



材料: 黑板、粉笔。

Sticky note tree

Write on it. Stick it. You can get friends and family to write on it or stick self reminder notes.

Material: Sticky notepads.



材料: 便利贴


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