Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Time to ‘Red Up’ Your Home

Time to ‘Red Up’ Your Home

Caption: Popular model  Yunn Ru modeling for our 
Chinese New Year collection
By Stephanie & Lucas

When you visit your favourite malls, you will notice immediately that they share something in common. Most of them are taking down their Christmas décor and in place are a whole lot of really  really red stuff.  It suddenly hit you that before you can even shed the Christmas/New Year’s mood, Chinese New Year is just around the corner, coming at you fast and furious. Isn’t it time to ‘red’ up your home as well? Visit major department stores or Akemi Uchi outlets today for our AKEMI Chinese New Year collection and start decorating for the festive season today. You want to milk these accessories for all their worth, don’t you? So, why not start today? 

转眼间圣诞节和新年已过去, 华人新年很快的就在眼前,当来到您喜爱的购物中心时,你会发现人们已迅速地将所有圣诞节的摆设脱下,换上一套鲜红喜气的气氛。这时候的您是不是也赶快让你的家“红”起来吗?赶快亲临您邻近的AKEMI专柜及Akemi Uchi店面采购您最喜爱的华人新年布置产品,马上和最爱的人双手设计一个温暖的家。



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