Monday, December 30, 2013

Feng Shui Colours For The New Year! (Part 1)

Feng Shui Colours For The New Year! (Part 1) 

By Stephanie & Joras

We all have our favourite colours and we tend to make choices based on colours. In feng shui, colours represent deeper meaning and using the right colour does wonders for your homes. If your home is filled with fiery colours that over-stimulate the mind, it is best to tone it down with soothing colours. Too much fiery colours pressure the mind and too much soothing colours may look distantly cold. Here are some tips to achieve the perfect colour balance for your homes. Which element are you lacking?


Red – Fire Element (Love, Passion, Courage) 
Red is the colour of fortune, luck and happiness. It brings energy, joy and excitement to homes. However, too much red will cause agitation, annoyance and over-stimulate minds. It is better to use
red for decorative accessories rather than for walls, floors and furnitures. As red represents the fire element, it is best to use red in the south direction of your home.
Other  “fire” colour(s) – Orange, purple, pink  

红色- 火元素 (爱,热情,勇气)
其它的“火”元素- 橙色,紫色,粉红色

Green – Wood Element (Fresh energy, New Hope, Growth, Health)
Green is the colour of healing and new hope. It balances the energy of your home and bring good feng shui from nature. It is best to use green plants to bring the wood element to your home. Plants act as an air purifier as well, killing two birds with one stone. As green represents the wood element, it is best to use green in the east and southeast directions of your home.
Other “wood” colour(s) – Brown

青色- 木元素 (清新能量,新希望,生长,健康)
Brown 其它“木”元素- 褐色

Blue – Water Element (Tranquility, Peace)
Blue is the colour of tranquility and peace. It soothes the mind and heal tired souls. Use some blue to decorate your homes if you have a big busy family. As blue represents the water element, it is best to use blue in the east and north directions of your home.
Other “water” colour(s) – Black 

蓝色- 水元素(宁静,和平)
其它水元素- 黑色

White – Metal Element (Innocence, Purity, Freshness)
White is the colour of purity and humble beginnings, representing the purer things in life. It is perfect for meditating and resting spaces. Being the most versatile colour, white fits in any home concept. However, use minimal white in the east and southeast directions of your home. White is recommended for the West and Northwest directions.
Other “metal” colour(s) – Grey 

白色- 金属元素( 天真,纯洁,清新)
其它金属元素- 灰色


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