Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep. Minus the Pills.

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep. Minus the Pills

By Stephanie Lai & Joras

Your body has a natural sleep alarm and it works according to how you train it. If you maintain a healthy sleep schedule, your sleep alarm will naturally alert you when your sleep time starts and ends, without an alarm clock. If you need an alarm clock, set your sleep time earlier as your body is probably not getting the sleep it needs. Here are more tips to sleep well at night.


Maintain a regular sleep schedule 保持有规律的睡眠时间
Do not let the holidays or weekends mess up your sleep schedule. If you plan to change your sleep schedule, make small daily changes to help your body adapt to the change slowly.

别让假日或周末打乱了您的睡眠时间。如果想要更换的话,应该每日少许的改变,这样一来在您的精神与身 体上才不会造成负担。

Do not over nap 午睡不能过度
Napping is important to make up for the occasional deprivation of quality sleep but you must be wise about napping. If you have to nap,  do it in the early afternoon and do not be tempted by after dinner sleepiness.


Increase light exposure during the day 增加对阳光的接触
Spend more time outside during daytime and keep your curtains open. Do not use blinds if possible as it will block the morning sunlight and cause oversleeping. 


Decrease the use of electronic devices and light exposure during the night 在夜间减少使用电子及曝光量较高的物品
Do not use the computer or watch the TV before you sleep as they will stimulate the mind and delay sleepiness. Avoid using  light bulbs that are too bright and when going to sleep, make sure the room is dark. Do not use any night lights if possible. 


Maintain a healthy diet 保持健康的饮食习惯
Avoid alcohol, caffeine  and big meals at night as they tend to keep you up. Avoid bathroom trips by cutting down on liquid consumption as bedtime is approaching. It is also important to quit smoking as smoking as nicotine is cigarettes cause sleep problems.



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